Brett Snyder's 61 Imperial convertible at Delray Golf Club photographed and copyright by Dietmar Frensemeyer

dedicated to my friends of the Imperial mailing list

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1960 Imperial vin # 9204113778 in Moonstone Blue with spoke wheels, unique pictures of the Exner forward look the unique 60 "Exner" Forward Look : move ...motion ...emotion. When I bought this car in 1990 I wanted to have just this : a great Exner car.

This car was assembled in Switzerland for the Government of Libanon. The original title shows the first Year as 1961. 1988 it came to Germany. Then it was restored during ten years. Today under the original and well maintained body every part is new. The color is Moonstone blue and fits perfect to the chrom .

come inside a real luxury car, please

how to take off the rear window and repair the clips

the unique "night -design" with the luminescent light

MOV' IT - the brakes for CHRYSLER 

MOV' IT high performance brake KITS

why MOV' IT brakes CHRYSLER 


1999 I organized with Chrysler Germany a meeting of Chrysler cars - a wonderful meeting wher I met Mr. Brezout from Paris with his 61 Imperial - winner of the Grand Prix LOUIS VUITTON les Bagatelles

Imperial owners at the Chrysler barbecue
site of the unique 1960 Imperial ex prime minister of Libanon image: IMPERIAL EASTERN 2003