1939 Imperial limo and his great owner Jim Martin
1939 Imperial front Imperial 34 and 39 1934 Imperial front Imperial chauffeur hat 1939 Imperial dash board detail

1939 Imperial shapes and lines 1939 Imperial - the CHRYSLER BUILDING showing the M300 Imperials of 1934, 1939, 1955 1939 Imperial shapes and lines 1939 Imperial forms and lines showing me
1934 & 1939 Imperial 1939 Imperial front - the CHRYSLER BUILDING 1939 Imperial suicide doors 1939 Imperial - the CHRYSLER BUILDING 1939 Imperial mirroring Nanette and her car
1939 Imperial showing an 1955 one 1939 Imperial dashboard 1939 Imperila radio 1939 Imperial in front of the Modesto Library 1939 Imperial shapes and lines
1939 Imperial interior for Imperials 1939 Imperial Limo imperial interior for Imperials showing other Imperials 1955 Imperial back decoration 1955 Imperial sensual shapes 1955 Imperial dashboard
"General manager of the Banc of America"- Bob Schmitt - an Imperial institution 1955 Imperial in great shape 1955 Imperial with true spoke wheel 1958 Imperial dash board 1955 Imperial with great interior
1963 Imperial Convertible - best of show Imperial meeting at MODESTO - the show hoods up ...... prepare the show 1955 Imperial front
Imperial Road at Modesto for breakfest 2000 Imperial road at Modesto 1967I mperial with mobil option 1965 Imperial dashboard 1965 Imperial convertible in great color
1958 Imperial front 1959 Imperial decklid 1959 Imperial trunk 1959 Imperial trunklid 1958, 1959, 1969 Imperials
1959 Imperial trunkgrip 1959 Imperial wheel and hubcap 1963 Imperial passenger handle 1959 Imperial taillight 1963 Imperial interior showing Carl Poteet
1962 Imperial trunklid 1962 Imperial taillight 1963 Imperial frontlight showing me 1963 Imperial after market wire wheel 1963 Imperial front - best of show
1963 Imperial at Modesto Park 1963 Imperial dashboard (best of show) 1955 Imperial dashboard 1955 Imperial shapes and lines 1955 Imperial two door sedan
1956 Imperial High way musik 1975 Imperial from L.A. 1965 Imperial "fresh" front Imperial on the rainy road back to SF

MOV' IT - the brakes for CHRYSLER 

MOV' IT high performance brake KITS

why MOV' IT brakes CHRYSLER 


1999 I organized with Chrysler Germany a meeting of Chrysler cars - a wonderful meeting wher I met Mr. Brezout from Paris with his 61 Imperial - winner of the Grand Prix LOUIS VUITTON les Bagatelles

Imperial owners at the Chrysler barbecue
site if the unique 1960 Imperial ex prime minister of Libanon image: IMPERIAL EASTERN 2003
I was a bit disappointed flying 6000 miles to this show: There was NO 60 Imperial and the Club officially did NOT notice my visit.

Nevermind, I found so many Imperial details and cars to picture -

My special interest was to Jim Martins GREAT 39 Limo: the CHRYSLER BUILDING. I like black cars since they show and mirror so many details as in this case a M300 or Nanette and here beautiful 1955 FDS